Black wedding ring meaning?

We often get asked at "What is the meaning of wearing a black wedding ring?". Customers are curious if a black wedding band symbolizes something in particular.

Well, lately, many jewellers are being quoted as saying that wearing a black wedding ring "represents strength & boldness". Or that "the strong colour is a reflection of the strength of the wearer's relationship".

Here at we say..... NONSENSE! There seems to be no historical significance what so ever to these claims of the black = strength symbolism. It all feels a bit too 'salesy' for us.

We make black wedding rings (& our customers buy them) because they look great, feel comfortable, are very affordable & durable!        

What is black Zirconium?

What is black Zirconium?
Zirconium is a natural element that is found naturally, just like gold & platinum. It is often confused with ‘cubic zirconia’ because of the similar sounding name but they are not linked. Cubic zirconia is a man made crystal that is made to look like a diamond & is used in lower cost silver jewellery. Zirconium on the other hand is a metallic element extracted from natural minerals.

Why are your Zirconium rings black? Are they plated?
Most black wedding rings are plated. Silver is often dipped in oxidising solution. Gold & white gold are usually black rhodium or ruthenium plated. All of these platings do not last very long at all. Black Zirconium is different. Although it is naturally a light grey colour (similar to titanium in colour) it gets it black colour by being heated to extremely high temperatures. This means the black layer is extremely durable.

Will the black colour on the Zirconium wear off?
The black colour created by hearing the Zirconium is very tough. It is as hard as a Sapphire which is the second hardest gemstone. This is why Sapphire crystal is often used on high end watch faces to protect them.